I Believe... [Traipsing Through London]

By Don Hall

...that adjusting to a six-hour time difference is both a pain in the ass and a reminder that Chicago is, in fact, not the center of time and the universe.

...that I think I completed some sort of passage by now having been to Chess Records, Sun Studios and Abbey Road.  

...that London is what New York will be 200 years from now—the City That Used to Be the Center of the World But No Longer.

...that reading about the guy who wrote his “Chicago Done Me Wrong” HuffPo piece and ensuing reaction online from 6,000 miles away has made me realize that while I may be on vacation, you people have too much fucking free time on your hands.


...that tomorrow is the third anniversary of marriage between Dana Marie Jerman and this Literate Ape and being with her to celebrate that marker in London is marvelous, yet I still celebrate every single day with her and will every single day until the mortal coil is shuffled. She is, in a very real sense, the Better Half.