I Believe...[We Love Our Guns]

...that arts education teaches empathy on multiple levels and sports teaches competitiveness. Is it any wonder that we have churned out two generations of people who see empathy as a competition?

...that the best (and only) way to avoid normalizing Trump and the GOP Regime is to focus our Progressive energy on the upcoming elections. Most everything else is an embrace of a bleak future.

...that it is no surprise that we have a problem with guns in this country when, in watching previews for a movie, every movie coming out (War for the Planet of the Apes, Dunkirk, The Dark Tower, American Assassin) is saturated in gun porn.

...that I'd prefer my president to be smarter than me, my police officers to be calmer under stress than me and my progressive allies to attack the opposition rather than each other.

...that the moment you start referring to yourself in the third person, as if you are an avatar of representation, is the moment your self-delusion has eclipsed your self-reflection. The "Don Halls" of the world totally understand that.