I Believe... [Get Your Feet Offa My Plane!]

...that the less plastic-like parts of L.A. resemble a seedier version of Edgewater.

...that when I question the wisdom of today's impassioned 20 year olds, I have to remind myself of two things: How impassioned I was about things when I was 20 and that I was likely wearing parachute pants, had voted for Ronald Reagan two years prior and was a blackout drunk. Then I realize that the odds that they have lived enough life to gain any wisdom at all is stacked against them.

...that it really is completely unacceptable to get on a five-hour flight, take off your sandals and put your bare feet up on the seat in front of you. My response was simply to look at him and his feet and say "No. Not gonna happen." He put his sandals back on.

 ...that Hedy Weiss was a crappy theater critic back in the nineties so I'm completely unsurprised that she's still a crappy theater critic today.  That acknowledged, I think the self proclaimed "Chicago Theater Accountability Coalition" is a bunch of McCarthy-esque horseshit.

...that with the slow dementia-riddled John McCain, the almost illiterate Louie Gohmert, and the brazenly incompetent Donald Trump, either the electorate just isn't paying attention, we are systematically doing what we can to sow chaos and destruction by voting, or there are far more DADAists out there than I thought.