I Believe… [Fashion Statement Activism]

…that it's still toxic masculinity when a woman threatens to peg you. Masculinity has less to do with gender and more to do with behavior and point of view.

…that if we truly want to keep Trump from destroying our international relations and economy, we should be releasing tell-all books about his depravity and borderline insanity every single week. Distract the distractor.

…that the fact that Gwyneth Paltrow is selling (and people are buying) a $135 Coffee Enema Kit is far more alarming than anything going on in Congress these days. I "accidentally" shot coffee up my ass (there was a safe word) and it was not worth $135 unless it was from Starbucks.

If I get the coffee enema, should I leave room for cream?

If I get the coffee enema, should I leave room for cream?

…that wearing black on the red carpet of the Golden Globes is as bold and resistance-oriented as wearing a #BlackLivesMatter t-shirt to your job in Niles and thinking it means anything at all. Activism requires just a bit more than a fashion statement on an awards show. Brilliant speech by Oprah, though, but, no, she should not run for president.

…that if Dave Chapelle wants to stir the controversy pot with his take on the Louis CK accusers, he might want to put it in a Netflix special that included more craft and less of him sitting on a stool cracking himself up.