I Believe... [Dating Advice from John Hughes is BAD]

...that, like I believe that Apple products are superior to all other computing devices and that my wife could totally beat your dad up, the best piece of pizza in the City of Chicago is at Pequod's Pizza.

...that the crap you read on Twitter is never policy nor is it legal directive of any kind so stop letting The Trumpster Fire continue to distract you from the important stuff.

This is called harassment via Peter Gabriel.

This is called harassment via Peter Gabriel.

...that anyone still adhering to the dating advice of a John Hughes movie must realize that Lloyd Dobler was a bit of a stalker who refused to listen when a woman said "No." Which means your pursuit of that woman who keeps telling you to leave her alone is creepy as shit. For Christ's sake, STOP.

...that those who continue to hold desperately onto their old neighborhoods are luddites in the wake of the gig economy, the impermanence foisted upon brick and mortar businesses by the internet and technology, and an archaic sense of what community has come to mean.

...that online outrage is becoming like the cries of Chicken Little or the Boy Who Cried Wolf. The fatigue of every outrage becomes a numbing white noise that threatens to drown out actual policy changes being made that have genuine impact.