I Believe... [And Danny Rand Became Less Annoying]

By Don Hall

...that in the "Look on the bright side of things" Pollyanna sort of way, at least it's becoming easier to spot the bigots, right?

...that in lieu of empathy (as it has been made clear that unless you are someone you cannot possibly understand their pain) perhaps compassion is a solid substitute.

...that one day, when Donald Trump is president for a second term and the landscape of America is so similar to the premise of HBO's Confederate that the show runners just make it documentary, many will be looking around, befuddled, and saying "But I was against the Faux Nazis! Trump was for them! There were memes! And outrage! And Tina Fey! WTF?I spoke out against Tina Fey! That was so much easier than getting the 45 percent of the American population who didn't vote in 2016 to vote this year! How did this happen?"

...that in the '80s, standup was king. Then standup ate itself alive from the inside. Then it was improv. Then improv started destroying its community. Then sketch comedy. Same. Then storytelling. And it looks like stand up is coming back so I only have to wait until I'm 90 before storytelling comes back.


...that The Defenders was a blast—Danny Rand becomes less millennial through exposure to adults, Luke Cage is the most super heroic, Matt Murdock finds some closure with his Catholic struggles and Jessica Jones shines as the best character of the bunch. I don't do the binge watch thing often but this was worth the Saturday.