I Believe...

 ...that I really didn't need to know about the drugs in Carrie Fisher's system but I do need to know how the jury acquitted the cop who murdered Philando Castile.


...that, if it looks like a mob hellbent on retaliation, if it sounds like a crowd of revenge-seeking ideologues, if it targets an individual instead of a system or idea, if it uses loaded language and hyperbole to makes its case, it's just the same old horde of villagers wielding torches following Gaston.

...that cutting Medicaid in any way is an absolute travesty and will result in the death of millions.  Mitch McConnell is the real terrorist.

...that I can listen to you fully, empathetically and weigh all of your perspectives and your points and still disagree with you. The disagreement does not mean I didn't listen.

...that when one side of the Fringe calls you a psychopathic racist, sexist #alllivesmatter motherfucker and the other side calls you a cop-hating piece of shit, you're probably doing just fine. I was also told I should run for office, that I am an oasis of clarity, that I am an asshole, a champion, and a Good Man.  Drove thirty hours (to High Falls, NY and back,) attended a beautiful wedding, met some in-laws I hadn't met before, had a long conversation about the economic impact of the internet with a Washington economist, and got paid for events consultation and production.  Not a bad weekend, all in all.