I Believe... [AIM Wasn't Dead and Buried?]

By Don Hall

...that the Art of the Gig Economy is contained in Patience and Persistence. Panic has no future and Procrastination is not tolerated. This Belief has been brought to you by the letter P.

...that the only difference between Stephen Paddock (who apparently rented hotel rooms overlooking Lollapalooza in Chicago before gunning down random people in Las Vegas) and many of the complacent, dim witted, out-of-touch men and women in Congress in lock-step with The NRA, the Health Insurance Lobby and the warmongerers is that they don’t have to commit suicide after their plans murder hundreds of thousands of innocent people. They just get re-elected or become lobbyists.

...that this is the age of protected feelings purchased at the cost of permanent infantilization.

...that watching my amazing wife get up onstage and sing with her band [RESULTS] is absolutely awe-inspiring. I’m much more of a doer when it comes to live experiences but she is one I’m happy to sit back and observe with joy. Also, my wife is way cooler than yours...


...that it is almost embarrassing when it is announced that someone or something died and you thought they or it was dead long ago. That said, if you were still using AOL Instant Messenger, you're the one idiot using an abacus in the middle of an Apple store.