I Believe... [Trump vs. Harrison]

By Don Hall

...that the idea of a male romper is more distressing than the man-bun, the endless facial hair and the fake enthusiasm for kale. I may move to Wyoming and live in a cave to avoid modern fashion trends.

...that the best zombie movie I've seen in a very long time is The Girl with All the Gifts and you should see it, too.

...that Trump isn't crazy nor is he stupid. He's incompetent and has no regard for improving. His undoing will not be our maniacal rage, our protests, nor our self righteousness. His undoing will be himself in the face of the government bureaucracy he so despises.

...that the depravity of real estate landlords doing anything to make a profit may be a leading cause for gentrification and a rage only matched by a progressive thinking for five minutes that Trump will be impeached, but wait until we in Chicago are faced with the reality of Hong Kong coffin homes.

...that when dealing with the unreasoning anxiety and numbing fear of the Trump Presidency, everyone needs to get a grip. The only difference between Trump and, say, Benjamin Harrison is Twitter and the potential for nuclear war. Don't believe me? Check this out:

Harrison lost the popular vote to incumbent Democratic President Grover Cleveland but won the Electoral College so Cleveland was out and Benjy was in. Harrison’s campaign virtually sold every possible presidential appointment in its desperate bid for the presidency, so Benjamin had almost no leeway on who he could nominate for positions from Cabinet level on down. The confirmation hearings provided ample fodder for political humor as some of the most unqualified nominees in U.S. history paraded before the Senate.  
Harrison proved to be in over his head on the economy and his disjointed, sometimes contradictory measures to turn things around resulted in a full-blown depression by the time he ran for reelection. He wound up losing to Grover Cleveland, who retook the Oval Office to become the country’s only two-term president to serve those terms non-consecutively.