The Rabbit Hole of Sewage and Unrestrained Horror

By Don Hall

As a much younger man, in the days of college and fuck-offery, I would frequently purchase a case of Black Label beer (the cheapest, shittiest beer created in the long history of the planet), drink most of it and go out into the campus environment. Somewhere in my inebriated snake brain I knew there would likely be consequences to these choices. I knew that it was ostensible that I would somehow get into a fistfight and suffer pain, perhaps soil myself in one or two ways, break things, lose my keys, and wake up under a hedge just off the east side of the quad with the smell of puke and desperation permeating my clothing.

I knew what the consequences could be and yet, because I was shortsighted, too young to care, and terminally stupid, I ignored them.

In the dawn of the New Era of Emotional Primacy, the concept that our emotions are the most intelligent approach to decision making is just as shortsighted and just as completely chuckleheaded. As I've written before, in a world of Kirks, we need a few more Spocks. Spock generally walked the Good Captain through the consequences of his poorly thought-out actions.

Kirk says "Impeach him! He is not my president and whether he has actually broken any laws he should be removed from office!"

Spock says "Captain. Perhaps we should think through this plan."

In a carefully chosen phrase, we're fucked like I was nine-years old again.

Yes, many of those who voted for The Donald are now regretting that decision. They didn't think through the consequences. They were tired of politicians ignoring their personal pain or were afraid of black and queer people or just hated Hillary but now they are looking at the same chaotic downward spiral we all are. There are also the vast majority of Republicans who love the guy.

Not enough Spocks out there to prevent the travesty.

Spock says "Captain. It seems that our bed has been made and we must now lie in it. I'd suggest we focus our energies on the mid-term elections and then 2020. Captain...?"

Kirk looks up from his lovemaking of a green, tentacled alien and nods. "Sure, Spock.  I'm... um... busy right now."