Notes from the Post-it Wall – Week of September 3, 2017

By David Himmel

• I'm not big on claiming divine intervention, but when I consider the number and magnitude of the storms, and the wildfires that have beaten the hell out of our country's topography, and injured, killed or displaced so many Americans, it's difficult for me not to conclude that God actively hates America's guts and he is trying to run us out of town.

• Sometimes, I like the smell of a cigarette. It reminds me of being at garage band shows with my high school friends; watching Lethal Weapon with my Grampa Pete; Las Vegas casinos; the taste of that really hot girl I made out with that one night that one summer.

• Taylor Swift.

• I'm applying for an additional life insurance policy. I am more concerned that my SCUBA diving last year will hurt my chances more than my having had cancer. And I sure as shit didn't tell the guy about my plans to run with the bulls or take a dip with hungry sharks next year. 

• I firmly believe that the couples on House Hunters—or any one of those stupid HGTV shows—are inherently awful, narrow-minded, selfish people. But it is the editing that makes them look even worse.

• It's fun to think of Chicago being a "Trump-free zone," as Mayor Rahm Emanuel stated earlier this week. Now, if only those big ass letters spelling out the dude's name weren't constantly contradicting the notion. I understand what Rahm was getting at. And I agree with it. But rhetoric is so often hyperbole.