Summer Movie Round Up 2017!

By Brian Sweeney

Welcome back, folks, to Cinema Sweeneyma with me, Brian Sweeney! This past summer movie season had many wonderful films, along with a few duds. Let’s get into my Summer Movie Round Up 2017!


The summer started out with a bang with the lovable ragtag band of space misfits headed by the ever-affable Chris Pratt. While Rocket and Baby Groot are obviously the most recognizable and memorable characters in the Guardians franchise, it was Kurt Russell’s character Ego, the father of Chris Pratt’s character, that stole the show with his emotional depth. FULL DISCLOSURE: I need to rewatch this one, because I had a very bad headache during the screening. 


June brought us the truly great Wonder Woman. Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot brought about a terrific movie that satisfied both fans and non-fans of the iconic superheroine. With this, the DC Cinematic Universe finally became a competitor to Marvel. This is another one I have to rewatch. I had a splitting headache during it. My head actually hurt all summer. It still hurts now as I’m writing this. It’s very hard to concentrate. I hear it whisper.


The once invincible Pixar has moved into a hit-or-miss studio. Pixar movies are either Inside Out or they are The Good Dinosaur. Cars 3 is definitely in the lesser, latter category. It’s a fine movie, but we expect more from Pixar than merely passable fare. The whisper keeps getting louder. It keeps getting louder. I can’t make out the words. I don’t even know if they are words. 


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Tom Holland is a delight.


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