I Believe... [Nazis are the White People of Germans?]

By Don Hall

...that when the shit hits the fan, focusing on all the shit flying everywhere is the wrong choice. Deal with the fan.

...that with the headline below, Identity Politics has officially jumped the shark. In fact, I think Henry Winkler was mouthing this headline as he actually jumped it.


 ...that the worst part of the internet is the realization that everyone around you is as depraved and shitty as you are. Also there's just way too much television to watch about people as depraved and shitty as you are.

...that we are so short-sighted and self-involved that the only time a majority of people in this country even bother to think more than 30-seconds about global warming is when it's 97 degrees in September. That said, WTF?! Time to manscape again...

...that the purpose of legislators is to legislate rather than trumpet their desire to repeal legislation.