Wanna Get Paid to Write for Literate Ape?

When we started Literate Ape, the primary goal was to be able to pay writers to write.

We do our many events (including Identity Flip, The Sickest Fucking Stories I Ever Heard and the upcoming BUGHOUSE!) so that we can use the money made at the box office to pay our contributors. Eventually, I'll put on my pasties and fish net stockings and go out and whore ourselves out for paid sponsors. Why? To pay our writers.

Himmel is a writer who has made a living writing. I spent a decade with crack journalists who barely got paid a living wage to bring you news and culture. The goal is serious.

Starting in September, Literate Ape will be paying regular contributors a modest stipend per published post. The digital magazine covers culture, politics, opinion editorial, snarky satire, literary fiction, personal stories—like a really filthy Harper’s or a Reader’s Digest for degenerates.

With that in mind, we are hosting a get-together of potential contributors to hear a few pieces read by the authors and talk to us about participating while plying you with liquor and delicious finger foods.

Pieces will be read by:
Dana Jerman
Mike Vinopal
Peter Kremidas
Don Hall
David Himmel

If you are a writer and would like to add your voice to our online shrewdness of apes, RSVP HERE and come talk to us.