I Believe...[Dog Sauce, My Ass]

...that if you use your identity (sexual preference, race, religion, gender, etc.) to garner attention and notoriety, you don't get to be offended when someone points it out.

...that Chicago Dog Sauce is both a terrible name for ketchup and the strangest ploy to get Chicago hot dog purists (which is like old lady Hummel figurine collectors and dudes who collect sports tattoos in the precious category) to use a condiment in history.  They could’ve called it “Ketchup for Morons” and it would’ve been more honest.

...that, while I genuinely understand the outpouring from mid-center to left of center Lefties in support of John McCain due to his brain cancer diagnosis, compassion of this nature is only real if the same outpouring would accompany Trump being diagnosed with the same.  If you’re in the business of choosing who deserves compassion and who doesn’t, it doesn’t really count.

...that couching the policing the behavior of others as "giving someone the opportunity to correct their behavior" is easily one of the most arrogant and narcissistic actions I can think of.

...that the announcement of HBO’s Confederacy (a dystopian series that ‘what ifs’ the South successfully seceding from the Union) will only be palatable if episodes are written by black artists from the Deep South and directed by black artists from Major Cities.  No.  Sorry.  It won’t be palatable under almost any circumstances but I’m not a GOT fan nor did I make it past two episodes of that fucking “what if the Nazis won?” thing either.

Maybe if you add some Chicago Dog Sauce?