Notes from the Post-it Wall – Week of July 16, 2017

By David Himmel

• Avoid the temptation to over-engineer.

• Few things infuriate me more than Track Changes.

• I’ve carried a pocket watch for all occasions except athletic since I was 14 years old. Recently, I’ve been thinking I want a nice wrist watch and I’m not sure who I am anymore.

• I have a sex playlist on Spotify called “David’s Sex Playlist.” It’s all break up songs.

• When I’m at the airport, I like to look around at people and wonder, “When was the last time that person got laid?” It’s a delightfully more peaceful world when you’re trying to imagine all of God’s filthy creatures doing the nasty.

• Sometimes, communicating through email and text messaging causes things that should be slowed down to be rushed and things that require timeliness to take forever. In these situations, it’s best to just pick up the phone.