I Believe... [Bill Maher Needs to Channel Lenny Bruce]

...that, while I loved Breaking Bad, I just started getting into Better Call Saul and the Odenkirk vehicle is just a better story.  Slipping' Jimmy is just too goddamn good.

...that if Bill Maher wants to say the word, he should take Lenny Bruce's cue and say it so many times it becomes meaningless or makes a point.  The casual dropping of an intense racial epithet is exponentially worse in its flip and careless use.  It indicates a lack of understanding of the word's harmful connotations and a lack of respect for those it has targeted for 400 years.

...that anyone completely Ape Shit, Tantrum-Throwing, Tearing Out Hair furious at Trump pulling out of the Paris Accord wasn't paying attention to our national track record when it comes to climate change.  But it sure feels good and lets the bubble of Facebook know you can type with fury to pretend otherwise.

...that Wonder Woman was every bit as good as they say and I have to say that DC finally beat Marvel at the game: this is the first female superhero solo film (except for the 1984 Supergirl (yawn) and the shitty Catwoman and they don't count) and it rocked on the same level as so many of the best Marvel flicks.

...that the justification of bad behavior by claiming "He's only human" is a prefab can of minced shit. Human beings are capable of the most depraved crap ever recorded - from drowning their own babies to shitting on a glass coffee table while someone smacks his weiner underneath for kicks - "He's only human" is less an excuse and more a damning truth.