Notes from the Post-it Wall – Week of June 11, 2017

By David Himmel

• Is the old waitress at the café who is calling me sweetheart flirting with me? Because it’s working.

• I know Jewish people are tight on numbers but I bet they’d be OK if Jared Kushner stopped showing up to shul.

• If you take a drive or a bike ride along the Illinois-Indiana lakeshore, you’ll see where industry once reigned mighty. In its place, as factory jobs were shipped off to other countries like Mexico and China so that CEOs and boardroom people could make higher returns for themselves and their investors, are husks of vacant factories and warehouses, and dilapidated neighborhoods. These are the ghosts of the middle class. This is a major cause of America’s income inequality problem. However, with most of the factories gone, there is one benefit that is often overlooked: It keeps the entire lakeshore from smelling like Hammond, Indiana.

• “It’s so hot.” — Assholes living in Chicago during the summer months

• Unfortunately, there’s never a good time to be grumpy.

• People are more like cows than they are anything else.