I Believe...

...that social media is the digital manifestation of our collective snake brains sounding off without taking a beat to think past our initial panic, anger or fear. It is the international Id unleashed without filter, the Inner Child of everyone conjointly throwing a tantrum.

...that Dear White People is a phenomenal example of how art, television, satire and social justice can coincide to create something both entertaining and sociopolitically relevant. Must see viewing for everyone.

...that instead of shamelessly getting shitfaced and wearing a sombrero on Cinco de Mayo, I ate a tamale and beat the shit out of a French guy. This week, the French guy gets his friends and comes and beats the crap out of me in return. If I'm going to appropriate Mexican culture, I might as well get it right.

...that you failed. Trump is normalized. Now, just like climate change deniers, you must grapple with the reality on the ground rather than stubbornly continue to deny the existence of what is right in front your face. The only way to effectively deal with Trump is to vote the GOP out of control. That's it, gang.

...that, contrary to the weary mantra proliferated of late by the Far Left, it is your fucking job to educate the ignorant. You can’t grow a movement when your focus involves finding more and more heretics to ostracize from the community.