I Believe... [Snake Plissken vs Johnny Castle]

...that the barista or waitress or bartender serving you in almost every establishment in the world is being nice to you because it's her job NOT because she wants to fuck you.  Just in case you forgot.

...that, in these times, it is not at all surprising that serial rapist Bill Cosby is trying to use the current cultural climate to paint his trial as a 'lynching' utilizing 'systemic exclusion of African American jurors' as a template for acquittal.  This, despite his years of berating black people for being black.  Hell, it worked for Clarence Thomas and OJ.

...that the travesty of remaking Dirty Dancing pales in comparison to the heresy of remaking Escape from New York.

...that apparently, in Montana, punching a reporter gets you elected but that isn't surprising in Trump's "grab a pussy and become president" America.  Remember when Howard Dean was eliminated from running for Prez when he yelled really loud?

...that "Make America Great Again" indicates a return to when most people only lived until age 35 and then died of dysentery.  Which doesn't sound that bad if you've experienced a walk along Navy Pier in the summer.