Notes from the Post-it Wall — Week of May 21, 2017

By David Himmel

• Some of my Facebook friends are trolls. Some of my Facebook friends troll the trolls. It can be fun to watch the fight play out but it also reminds me that some of my friends are real pricks.

• I saw a graduation card that read: # Future Girl Boss. Why did it not just read: # Future Boss? This is precisely the problem with misogyny and with feminism.

• As a result of the wedding and the last few birthdays, I have accumulated several bottles of Johnnie Walker Blue Label. It’s nice. My friends and family are giving and know what I like. But having enough Blue to require a reorganization of the liquor cabinet might mean I have too much of the good stuff. When something really special becomes commonplace it is, well, no longer the good stuff. It’s just the stuff. Ah, perhaps this is a glass half empty way of looking at things. I should probably refill my glass with some good scotch.

• When it comes to spoons, the greasier the better.

• The workplace is an opportunity for husbands and wives to perv on other people’s husbands and wives. (I will take no part in it, Katie.)

• The coolest thing about listening to music on vinyl is that some well-placed dust can completely ruin your listening experience.