I Believe...

...that it's okay to punch a Nazi.  Nazis should be punched.  Don't sucker punch a Nazi and run away, though.  Square off, knock the Nazi on his ass and smile for the cameras.  Nazi punching should be a source of national pride.

...that if you are afraid your friends will attack you if you cross them, you need to seriously reevaluate who you call your friends.

...that the irony of SNL suspending Katie Rich for a bad joke is thick enough to choke upon.  Further, it doesn't matter if she apologized and deleted the tweet and fell upon her sword - no one deserves the kind of online bullying she received.

...that the fact that you use shame and disappointment to recruit people who marched in the millions to march for your cause is why they don't march for your cause.

...that mockery is just the best course of action in this America That Is Trump's.  As long as we are laughing at them, the less seriously everyone else will take them.