Fear of Trump

For what seems like a really long time now, Donald Trump has been shouting over any criticism leveled his way and getting away with it.  It doesn't seem to matter that he openly lies about his rivals and how his views.  The fact that he is a shameless self promoter with no ethical boundaries mean virtually nothing.  Christ - it got him the Republican nomination!

The question I have is how did we let it get this far?  It seems that some are sort waking up to the fact that he is nothing more than a bully and and asshole but for far too long, people in the media and in the political spectrum were simply afraid to respond.  As if by responding, Trump's withering and relentless attacks would leave them wounded beyond repair.

His mantra's are that he is the baddest motherfucker around and he repeats over and over until even he believes it.  He talks the "real talk" and tells us "his truth."  He is unapologetically brutal and knows that by simply labelling someone as a "Loser" or a "Crook" the label will stick.  He is ignorant of most things but he does know how to brand himself well.  

So we fear him.  We fear the bully.

But he isn't a bully or a tyrant because he is a wealthy, white man.  Strip those things away from him and he'd still be filled with hateful, reactionary rage ready to be aimed at anyone who questions his authenticity or even his hair.

But because he is a wealthy white man it becomes easy (and intellectually lazy) to assume that his money, his skin color and his gender are what makes him what he is.  The sad fact is anyone can be Donald Trump.  

Answer criticism with relentless attacks.
Harrass while claiming to be the victim of harassment.
Create a toxic environment through false accusations and half truths.
Call rivals names.
Use race and gender to divide people.
Constantly remind everyone of her magnificence.  Name things after herself.  Embrace the spotlight with an almost maniacal covetousness.
And lie.  Delude.  Obfuscate.  Make up outrageous, baseless attacks.

And there will always be people to follow the Trumps of the world.  They follow because of the celebrity.  They follow because they somehow identify with the viciousness of the attacks.  They are already prepared to be divided by race or gender.  And they all desperately want to be in her club.

And the rest of us are afraid to stand up to her for fear that Trump will unleash that bitter sadness and low self esteem on them.  We are afraid of her sycophants and followers because the strange mob mentality is unassailable, unreasoning and dangerous.

Yes, anyone can be Donald Trump because she is nothing more or less than a garden variety bully.