I Believe...

...that when faced with a massive over reaction it is best to not counter it with another massive over reaction.

...that, while I had high hopes for "Suicide Squad," I found it to be a real turd.  DC is trying to catch up to Marvel but they're trying to catch up in, like, three movies and it isn't working.

...that in lieu of the Olympics - lots of well meaning sports oriented athletes competing for gold medals and world records - it would more interesting and more in tune with the times to have a major city host the Olympiad of Victim Status to see who among us is the most oppressed and aggrieved.

...that the most amazing cookie on Planet Earth is the Peanut Butter and Jelly cookie I bought at the Starbucks in the Museum of Science and Industry.  That was weeks ago and I still would cut someone for another bite of that nirvana-like concoction.

...that the best part of the Shit Throwing nonsense of July 2016 I endured is the fact that I deactivated my Facebook.  Christ - I built an ark and cured cancer in the time I saved!