Chased into Anonymity

Welcome to a brand new world of commentary.

If you're familiar with my blog of eleven years and the often provocative nature of it, you will understand the decision to post under a tiny tent of unscrutinized freedom.  In today's world, it is no longer accepted to simply go along and voice your opinion as the Neo-McCarthyites are all just waiting to pounce on any seeming insult and mob together to kill the offending beast.

If you were invited, you understand.  If you stumbled upon this blog, I hope you read it and seek to engage me in conversation, debate or outright argument.  I believe that the only way to hone the sword of communication is to have a clash of ideas, a melee of minds, in order to continually sharpen our abilities to truly get through to the world.

Thus is the point and purpose of this digital publication.