I Believe...

...that nothing is more fun, relaxing and fills my crusty heart with hope than Christmas in Kansas.

...that in a political world as fractured and outraged as is the one we live in presently, the ability to pick your battles pragmatically is even more important than before.  So much of our online raging is a distraction from the central issue of our day: economic class and the Robber Barons of the Capitalist Dogma.

...that, contrary to what I fervently believed when I was much younger, the world is really not binary even if it always felt like I was a Jedi and everything else was the Sith.

...that seeing Chance the Rapper and Noname on SNL was actually a lot like a Christmas present.

...that so many of us are still reeling from the loss of trust in our government and the electorate who chose to vote for the Orange King and that we are still simply trying to figure out exactly how to proceed.  I believe the best course of action requires dispassionate regard and pragmatic action rather than emotional indulgence and the false spectre of empowerment.