I Believe...

...that for every right you fight for, you should include and just as aggressively commit to a responsibility to the country above and beyond that which is self serving.  For example: I have the right to drink myself into a stupor to avoid actually dealing with the soul numbing cubicle job I have should be balanced with I have the responsibility to clean up the vomit in that guy's yard.

...that you telling me to 'shut up and listen' and me telling you to 'tone it down a bit' are not both examples of trying to silence each other.  "Shut up" is a demand for silence; "Tone it down" is a request to lower your volume.

...that there's a special little room in Hell for those who fabricate a story to win a Moth Grand Slam.

...that Trump and his cronies don't have to do anything to divide us and conquer.  We do that all by ourselves.  While we bicker about appropriation and safe spaces, they smoke cigars made of the dollar bills withheld from Walmart greeters and play Keep Away with the Constitution.

...that if you are either the hero or the victim of your narrative, you need to revisit and edit that shit.  Heroism is bequeathed by others not yourself; victimhood replayed creates a permanent state of anxiety and entitlement unearned.  Back up and do some genuine self reflection and come back with a more honest version of the truth.