Of The Seven, Americans Suffer Sloth More Than the Other Six

Sloth is commonly defined as laziness but that is not the Deadly Sin. The deadly sin is that of spiritual or emotional apathy. And America is an entire country filled with apathy. In our search for things to be easier, for things to be faster and more convenient, we stopped giving a shit. Sloth is, simply put, no longer caring enough to put in the effort.

American Shithole #17 — The Beautiful Things: Taxi

I asked a group of friends recently, “What is your go to for a feel-good television show?” The answers were as varied as you might imagine. I’d been looking for something to comfort me during a time of stress and sickness, and eventually I settled on an under-appreciated effort from my childhood — dark days require comfort and sanctuary, and there is no sanctuary quite like nostalgia.

Life is a Highway...

I like to drive. I like the freedom that hopping in the car and just heading out somewhere allows. My parents are currently on a random road trip through the western United States and the trip is classic in that they have no clue where they’re headed until the date before. Driving for hours to land at a hastily booked motel and seeing America. I love that.

The Minutes of Our Last Meeting - EPA Water Contaminants Closed Meeting

Pruitt: Tell my security team we’re going to Chi-town. This is very important. People are going to say I’m wasting tax payer money, this is just not true. Get me a penthouse suite at Four Seasons. We will use the hot tub to test the water quality. I’m willing to soak my dainty ass in tainted water for my country. Also, get me box seats for a Cubs game. We should test the beer. Get me reservations at Girl and the Goat. We should test both girls and goats for lead. Woo-hoo, we’re going to Chicago!

I Shot My Dog in the Eye and All He did was Love Me More

“I broke him. I broke Eddie. His eye is loose in his head. He’ll never be able to take a cute photo again. He’s a freak! He’s broken! He’s probably blind. This is why… Do you see? This is why I can’t be a father. I’m going to break my kids and I… I can’t handle that. I can’t handle this. OH GOD! Eddie! I’m so sorry! Katie! I’m so sorry! I’m SO SORRY!”

Whatever Happened To That Bald Eagle Metaphor?

First of all, I didn’t choose the bald eagle as a symbol for America. Some other blowhard with a quill pen did that. Famously, Ben Franklin thought that the turkey would be a better metaphor. In a letter to his daughter Sarah, in 1784, he explained how he saw the bald eagle as a coward and a thief. He thought the turkey was braver and more honest. So now we have to unpack even more metaphors.