Gaps In Humanity

We all know the generation war has raged for as long as there have been generations to fight it. But with times changing rapidly and trends flickering by like flashes of lightning, it is becoming easier to separate generations into opposing tribes.

Tell Them One Thousand-and-One Times and Then Change Your Tactic

If you were watching that parent scream at his child, you might suggest he try another tactic rather than hostility and demands. You might suggest that another approach to his child might bear a more fruitful result. You might suggest that his frustration and rage, while perhaps completely justified, is not achieving the result he wants. And, sure, he might tell you to stick it up your ass but at least you tried.

The Jason Chin Model For Socio-Political Revolution

If you knew him, and a lot of people did, ahead of time fair warning; This isn’t a story about Jason Chin specifically. He’s a guy I and a lot of people remember fondly, and he’s an important part of the story, but I don’t want you to feel baited and switched on like this essay’s title was the trailer for Across The Universe. Great trailer, by the way. Trailer.

Anyways, he’s a small character in a larger but still itself small story. If you indulge me with your patience I think you’ll see that there is a point to that. Also, among the stories I could have told to illustrate same point I chose this one because A) I’ve never told it before, and B) I think his part in it is illustrative of one of the really important and cool things about him and C) I think he would have liked it.

So there’s that. Let’s start with getting the specificity of our scene out.

Wanna Get Paid to Write for Literate Ape?

When we started Literate Ape, the primary goal was to be able to pay writers to write.

We do our many events (including Identity Flip, The Sickest Fucking Stories I Ever Heard and the upcoming BUGHOUSE!) so that we can use the money made at the box office to pay our contributors.  Eventually, I'll put on my pasties and fish net stockings and go out and whore ourselves out for paid sponsors. Why? To pay our writers.

How Old are You in Your Dreams?

Ask around.

When you dream, how old are you in that strange, dusky landscape called your subconscious? Do you know? Does anyone, really?

I don't remember a lot of my dreams. I sleep like a wood carving or a stone tablet. When I'm out, I am out. But when I do remember my dreams, I can't recall what age I may be. It always seems a bit like I'm physically all over the place but mentally the age I am now (which some might argue is about 13). How old should I be?

I, Superhero

The past few summers have set the stage for what some call "too many superhero movies."  I just this week went to Spiderman: Homecoming with Ray (I loved it) and am looking forward to Justice League as well as The Defenders on Netflix, Thor: Ragnarok,  Black Panther,  Gotham City Sirens, etc.  I love these multiverses for a variety of reasons.

But Moore, the cracked genius behind WatchmenV for Vendetta and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, cannot be easily dismissed.